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Ref NoSK/11
TitleDr Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
DescriptionBased on Peter Bryant/George's [known as both but referred to throughout as Peter George] book 'Red Alert', Dr Strangelove is a black comedy about nuclear war. The subject matter of the film was reckoned as unsuitable for a comedic interpretation. Kubrick Directed, Produced and Scripted the film. The artwork was done by Ken Adam, who also worked on Barry Lyndon and many James Bond films. Released, 1964 by Columbia Pictures International.

Where titles are in quote marks this denotes the original title from Kubrick's filing system, where the order of the original files is present this has also been maintained. An example of each type of stationery used has been retained with the corresponding item.
TermNuclear bomb
Extent13 linear metres
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DS/UK/45Columbia International Pictures; 1919-; Film production and distribution1919-
DS/UK/1Kubrick; Stanley (1928-1999); Film-maker, director, producer, cinematographer, photographer1928-1999
DS/UK/236George; Peter (1924-1966); Author and screenwriter1924-1966
DS/UK/162Adam; Sir; Ken (1921-); Production designer1921-
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