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TitleTreatment portions
DescriptionThe file contains a large envelope, with three smaller envelopes and contents [removed and flattened] inside. The large envelope is addressed to Kubrick at Harris-Kubrick Pictures, 24 Aug 1959. The large envelope contains information and so has been retained: on the recto, handwritten notes by Kubrick; and on the verso 'BURDICK-REGISTERED [underlined] SUBMISSION-RED ALERT-TREATMENT-JAN 19 1962 [underlined]/ MAILED SAME DAY TO 1) BURDICK + WHEELER 2) ZIEGLER C/O Schwartzman'. The smaller envelopes are registered mail to Kubrick's home address, 1 Jan 1962. The first contains: a typed letter from Kubrick on Harris-Kubrick Productions letterhead to Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler [writers of 'Fail Safe' novel, film directed by Sidney Lumet, released 1964] c/o Louis C Blau [Kubrick's lawyer], 19 Jan 1962, and refers to their project 'Fail Safe accompanying a portion of treatment and intended revisions to the novel 'Red Alert', 25 Oct 1961. The second contains: treatment portion. The third contains: treatment portion.
Date24 Aug 1959-19 Jan 1962
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DS/UK/226Harris-Kubrick Productions; 1955-1963; Production Company1955-1963
DS/UK/45Columbia International Pictures; 1919-; Film production and distribution1919-
DS/UK/1Kubrick; Stanley (1928-1999); Film-maker, director, producer, cinematographer, photographer1928-1999
DS/UK/9Blau; Louis C; Lawyer
DS/UK/238Lumet; Sidney (1924-); Director1924-
DS/UK/239Wheeler; Harvey (1918-2004); Author and professor1918-2004
DS/UK/240Burdick; Eugene (1918-1965); Political scientist and author1918-1965
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