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Title2001: A Space Odyssey
DescriptionDirected, produced and co-written by Stanley Kubrick. 2001: A Space Odyssey starred Kier Dullea and Gary Lockwood. It explored evolution and the destiny of mankind. It was released a year before man landed on the moon. The cinematography is renowned, regarded as some of the greatest in the history of film. Dialogue is minimal, the emphasis on sound based on a soundtrack of classical music. The film is formed by a sequence of ambiguous episodes. The special effects were created using a machine specially developed for the result Kubrick required.

Material includes research, art department research, awards and nominations, production paperwork, correspondence between Kubrick and production staff, fan letters, special effects materials, financial papers, photographs, soundtrack material, contact sheets and slides. Also included is material relating to the Documentary Prologue which contains interviews with leading scientists of the day on the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. Intended to have been shown at the start of the film, ultimately it was never used.

SEE SK/11/9/15 and SK/11/9/85; SK/11/9/86; SK/11/4/6; SK/13/8/6/3
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DS/UK/1Kubrick; Stanley (1928-1999); Film-maker, director, producer, cinematographer, photographer1928-1999
DS/UK/45Columbia International Pictures; 1919-; Film production and distribution1919-
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