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DescriptionCorrespondence between IBM, computer specialists, and Roger Caras and others, discussing and developing the computer of the future for use in the film. Includes a letter from Frederick Ordway III, space scientist, to IBM discussing the feasibility of artificial intelligence by 2001, correspondence organising the loans of IBM electric typewriters and a light pen for use in the film, correspondence from Roger Caras to IBM emphasising the removal of IBM logos from malfunctioning computer equipment in the film, report from Ordway to Kubrick giving future computer ideas from meetings with IBM, four photographs of a computer control panel for use in the film, report from IBM with breakdown of their ideas for the proposed Athena computer system to be used on the Discovery spaceship marked 'from early script' including sketches of interiors and functions, and a blown up image of the Athena computer interior in a manilla envelope.

[PLEASE NOTE: a memo from Kubrick to Caras regarding computer experts is on loan until February 2019 and a surrogate is available]
Date2 Jun 1965-16 Feb 1966
Extent40 items
Access ConditionsBox 14. Athena Computer sketch has been unfolded and removed from box 14 to OS box on LH/2B/3A - it should not be re-folded.
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