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TitleDocumentary Shorts
DescriptionBefore Kubrick started making feature films, he created three documentary shorts titles 'Flying Padre', 'Day of the Fight' and 'The Seafarers'. In 1951 Kubrick's first two documentaries 'Day of the Fight' and 'Flying Padre' were released within a month of each other. Kubrick's black and white film 'Day of the Fight' was released on 26 April 1951 and cost $3900 to make. The distribution rights to 16 minute film sold to RKO for $4000. The film tells the story of a day before a fight for boxer Walter Cartier. 'Flying Padre' is nine minute long and was released March 23, 1951. The story follows two days in the life of a Catholic Priest who ministers to parishioners by plane. Two years after the release of his first two shorts, Kubrick released his first colour film, 'The Seafarers. It was released 15 October 1953 for the Seafarers International Union.
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DS/UK/1Kubrick; Stanley (1928-1999); Film-maker, director, producer, cinematographer, photographer1928-1999
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